It’s hard to walk 2 blocks on Capitol Hill without passing a rowhouse undergoing a renovation.  Our neighborhood is over a hundred years old after all, most homes having been built between 1890 and 1910 during a real estate boom that brought plumbing and electricity to this area of DC.


It’s imperative that these historic buildings receive the care and restoration that they need, however the downside is that the old beams, floorboards and joists that sat there for a century are often discarded in favor of more modern materials.

We think that this historic timber deserves new life.  We collect our wood from all over the neighborhood, yanking it out of walls and from under floors, even pulling it out of the tops of construction dumpsters.


These old planks may look rough at first, but after pulling a lot of nails and some heavy sanding, the antiquated wood emerges a beautiful golden brown, full of bumps and knots and plenty of character.

At our workshop on Capitol Hill we use these century old pine slabs to build furniture that we hope will last another hundred years. In this way we pay tribute to the history of Capitol Hill, our neighborhood and our home.